Refund Policies


This refund policy covers any and all materials and merchandise purchased from this web site ( There are no exceptions to these policies.

There’s only one way that a refund can be made to those who purchase materials from this web site. All refunds involve the timing of the original refund request. Please read this page all the way through to the end. When you purchase anything from this web site you should examine your order thoroughly for errors before submitting any payments.

The refund situation requires a little explanation of how we build our antenna mounts. Due to the various configurations that our mounts are available in we don’t stock them so they are ready to ship when a sale is made. In other words, we aren’t like a home improvement store where the mounts are kept on a shelf ready for purchase. One reason is the room the antenna mounts consume, which is also the main reason we don’t keep a supply in stock. Our manufacturing process is rather simple; we keep bulk portions of the various materials used to manufacture the mounts in stock. Only when a mount is sold will we cut the metal as it does us no good to have different materials already cut lying about. Once you purchase anything from our web site it is then and only then that we begin to build it. Average build time is 10 days not counting any holiday interruptions. Before we start to manufacture your mount we will transfer the funds from your payment into our banking account. Once this step takes place your mount is “in production” meaning that changes, additions, or deletions will only delay the process.

Once the manufacturing process begins (i.e. the materials have been cut) there are NO REFUNDS. At this point the materials are cut to the specifications necessary for your mount which may not be the same as that of other purchasers. Again, it does little good to cut the materials when the mounts are not all the same.

When you arrive on this site you are presented with ample images to inform you of what our mounts look like and work like. You cannot, under any circumstances, request any type refund once the mount has been received by you. It makes no difference if you have opened the packaging materials or not, once it is sent via UPS/FEDEX/USPS the item(s) belongs to you. Actually, you cannot receive a refund once the manufacturing process begins but we wanted to explain that refusing the box at your location does not entitle you to a refund under the premise that you didn’t receive the goods. The carrier will have records showing delivery was attempted and refused so it would pay to keep that in mind.

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