Tilt & Lift Antenna Mount

Tilt & Lift Antenna Mount

This is the newest version of our tilt and raise antenna mount. We named it the Tilt & Lift antenna mount to separate it from the main Tilt-N-Raise antenna mount. This fold over antenna mount is a bit cheaper in price due to there not being any welding needed. Instead of the insulated round tube there is a 1/2″ thick aluminum plate with u-bolts in it. The u-bolts can be almost any size you want up to a maximum of 2.5″ on the inside of the u-bolts. Contact us before placing an order so we will know what size u-bolts to drill the vertical support plate. Note: you must use an adequate guying system for this antenna mount.

Current 2-Inch Tilt & Lift Price: $99.95*

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The color display below displays all the colors available for painting your 2″ Tilt-N-Raise Mount which you will be ordering from this page. Once you find the color you like then you will select the color from the pull-down list below.



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