New Payment Process

In mid-April 2015 there was a rather dangerous ‘scripting attack’ making it way around the Internet. The targets were (and still are) those web sites (such as this one) running on the powerful WordPress platform. Seems people cannot let other people’s work alone and set about to destroy it. While updating the formerly operative shopping cart to alert us to incoming orders it simply quit working. A victim not of the crackers seeking to gain access to the site but the shopping cart script itself. It stopped working because of security updates made to the WordPress installation and the new MySQL database format. The long and short of it is the we spent many hours trying to remedy this situation to no avail. And then we decided to just scrap the system completely opting for a new (actually an old) method of ordering our portable antenna mounts. We will no longer accept online payments, opting for money orders as the only way we will accept payments for the portable antenna mounts sold on this web site. Yes, we may lose a sale or two as most people like the convenience of shopping with a credit card or debit card. But we could not absolutely make sure the information sent from this web site via the shopping cart script was actually secure. The process of mailing in an order will not consume any more time than the method using PayPal. When we used PayPal we would not being the manufacturing of the mount until the funds were transferred to our bank account from PayPal. Usually a 3 to 4 day period. Once we receive an order (and payment) in the mail it will go directly into our bank account and we can start building the mount that same day.

This payment method will be safer for you because there’s no way we can monitor the web site 24 hours a day for security attacks.

This will be like hiding in plain site or as the new saying goes, ‘going analog in a digital world‘.