Vertical Dipole Antennas

The Tilt-N-Raise portable tilt over antenna mount is made in the United States of America using American manufactured parts.

The vertical dipole antenna is an excellent choice for a portable antenna as evidenced by their use is several well-known DXpeditions. some of the more Dxpeditions that used a vertical dipole antenna (or more than one vertical dipole) on their DXpedition are:

K5K – vertical dipole antennas on Kingman Reef.

So you get the point that a vertical dipoles are very good performers or else they would never be taken on successful DXpeditions such as those listed above and many others.

How Does A Vertical Dipole Work?

At the risk of being too simplistic in the explanation a vertical dipole is an antenna with one leg of the dipole aimed upwards and the other leg aimed downwards. Mounting a vertical dipole is made easier in that a full size vertical dipole be mounted on, or close to, the ground. Considering that with it’s low angle of radiation, it will work pretty much anywhere in the world. Consider the bandwidth, takeoff angle, and capture area, and you will quickly agree that a vertical dipole does in fact work better.

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