ARRL National Parks on the Air

The Tilt-N-Raise portable tilt over antenna mount is made in the United States of America using American manufactured parts.

ARRL National Parks on the Air

Anyone who has been on the bands since 01 January 2016 has encountered the ARRL National Parks on the Air phenomenon. Pile-ups, beautiful park scenery, and the push to be #1 on the leaderboard. Just watching the NPOTA Facebook page will give you an idea of the excitement this new ARRL program is generating. Many of the activators(*1) are driving hundreds to thousands of miles to give chasers(*2) an opportunity to contact them.

So now you’re asking yourself what the NPOTA has to do with the Tilt-N-Raise portable antenna mount. Simple, ease and safety of the antenna used in the activation. While many folks are using antennas permanently attached to their vehicles others are doing more of a portable/Field Day type operation. These operations are generally running somewhat larger antennas than those on the vehicles. Of course larger (taller) antennas beings a problem with it in that they need to be secured for the safety of the operator as well as the safety of others who may be attending the park.

Antenna masts are being held up by sand bags, spikes in the ground (a no-no in many of the parks), blocks or whatever they bring with them. Tilt-N-Raise portable antenna mount allows operators a way to have a taller antenna up without the hassles of securing it to the ground. As people search for ways to improve their signal they will come to realize a larger or higher. The Tilt-N-Raise portable antenna mount will give them that as well as a method to safely secure the antenna/mast.


More information available here: portable antenna mount, order information.



Activators(*1) – these are the hardy individuals that spend their time, effort, and money to ‘activate’ a site from the NPOTA site list. These are the ‘feet on the ground’ that are allowing other to work them at their park location.

Chasers(*2) – these are the folks who seek to work the activators at the parks. This group runs the gamut of our hobby as you have home stations, mobile stations, U.S. stations, DX, even other park activators can be a chaser.


Keep up with the ARRL NPOTA program here: ARRL Parks On The Air (NPOTA)

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