Idaho QSO Party

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IDAHO QSO Party (IDQP) Rules

Objective: For amateurs outside of the state of Idaho – to make contact with as many Idaho stations as possible during the event.
For Idaho stations – to activate as many counties as possible, and work as many stations both in and out of Idaho, during the event.

Contest Period: Always the second full weekend of March. The operating hours are from 1900Z to 1900Z, a single 24 hour period. All stations may operate the full 24 hours.

Categories: Note – Operators in all categories may change bands whenever they wish. There is no restriction on how long you must remain on a band.

Single operator. One person performs all operating and logging functions. Use of spotting nets (operator arrangements involving assistance through DX-alerting nets, PacketCluster, etc) is not permitted. Only one (1) transmitted signal on the air at any time.
Multioperator – Includes those obtaining any form of assistance, such as relief operators, loggers, or use of spotting nets.
Multi-Single. Only one (1) transmitted signal on the air at any time.
Multi-Multi. More than one (1) transmitted signal on the air at any time. No simultaneous SSB/CW signals on one band at the same time.
Mobile/Rover. Mobile/Rover is a station that is self-contained (radio, antenna, power source) capable of motion. Motion is optional. This category is not limited by the number of operators for competition purposes.
There is a category for In-State and one for Out of State.
School (University, College, High School, etc.). Operation is to take place from a station on campus.
Operation from a club member home station is ONLY allowed if there is no station on campus. Operators can be Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni from the School.
Special Events Stations (Idaho Only). Each special event station will be recognized.

Tilt-N-Raise and Idaho QSO Party

The use of the Tilt-N-Raise antenna mount in the Idaho QSO Party event is a great idea. You can use the Tilt-N-Raise to get your antenna up in short order and then you can concentrate on getting the rest of your gear operational. Think of the extra Idaho counties you and your group (if you are in one) can have in the logs. The antenna is a major part of an amateur radio station operating in Idaho QSO Party and the last thing you need to worry about is whether the antenna will stay upright during the Idaho QSO Party. If you have yet to buy a Tilt-N-Raise then just use our link to order a Tilt-N-Raise for yourself, then you can rest easy while working the Idaho QSO Party or any other radio event.