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The Tilt-N-Raise portable tilt over antenna mount is made in the United States of America using American manufactured parts.

Link Etiquette

This is but one of many websites that we have created and managed and we get our fair share of link requests from our web site, some are valid and some are not. While doing some research recently I came upon a great resource online, to summarize Mr. Bluejay’s article and apply it to obtaining a link from

To increase your chances of obtaining a link:

  • Build a really good site, create your own unique content so that is worth linking to.
  • Make your site the best you can make it, business or personal.
  • Linking to first shows how you are serious about linking with us.
  • Don’t send threatening emails about removing our link from your site just because we didn’t link back within your time frame.
  • “Reciprocal link”, “link trade”, link exchange” will surely set off our SPAM filter. There goes your request down the drain.

Some reasons your link request might be rejected for are outlined in Mr. Bluejay’s article:

Because you asked for one!

Build a really great site using original, unique content. DO’t copy someone’s work and pass it off as yours. Don’t ask for a link exchange from sites with greater PR than your site. What does the other site gain by linking to yours? If you build something unique, others will ask you for a link instead of the other way around.

Your site isn’t worth linking to:

Your link request will be considered if exposure to your site will be of interest to visitors. Visitors to come here to learn about amateur radio and anything RELATED to it and not your wallpaper site, limo services, or ring tone web sites.

Because your site is a “crappy site”. What makes for a “crappy site”? In Mr. Bluejay’s own words:

  • You web site doesn’t contain content worth linking to!
  • Your site has more ads than it does content!
  • Animated GIFs. Flash, and any other whiz-bang distractions are a turn-off.
  • Yours is to the same as any of a dozen or more other web sites offering up the same old-same old..
  • Pop ups, pop unders, or any other sneakiness.
  • Flash sites aren’t exactly SEO friendly, yours looks nice but…
  • Kill the scrolling text boxes or images!
  • Fastest path to link request rejection? Asking for us to link to your site that is totally unrelated to ours.
  • Form letters used for link requests show just how lazy you really are!
  • You feel you should receive a return link before you will add a link to
  • Link to first! Give a little, get a little.
  • “Threatening” emails! Something like “I will be removing your link…” Go on and remove it, you likely never added it the first place.
  • You suffer “pebble and moon” syndrome. Google it, you’ll figure it out.
  • You mistakenly think your site is the equivalent to, or better than, Fine, then you don’t need our link.
  • Read our links page and ALL of this page BEFORE you ask so that you do ask properly.
  • Site URL? You know, the address. Kinda hard to link to your site when you didn’t tell us WHERE IT IS!
  • Tell us what page we should link to, if we have to guess then we would guess you don’t really want the link.
  • Making 9 or 10 requests is beyond being a pest. At that point you are a stalker.
  • Your disdain for the web admin of the other site is a turn-off and surely a way to NOT get a link.
  • “SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION” to us means your site is not worth linking to.
  • Your site set off my pop-up killer which means you didn’t read our linking terms BEFORE you submitted your request.
  • Your email, specifically the grammar, would make my English professor nuts..
  • Your site has one or more links to sites labeled as ‘bad neighborhoods’. Google it, then you’ll figure it out.
  • Your links page is non-existent. How are you going to link to my site when you don’t even have a links page?
  • Explain your request in as few words as possible!
  • Explain your request in as few words as possible!
  • Explain your request in as few words as possible!
  • Sending any attachments or HTML emails full of pictures is a sure way to NO for a link.
  • You demand a certain text or keyword phrase for your link, yet you don’t offer the same to us.