Hawaii QSO Party

The Tilt-N-Raise portable tilt over antenna mount is made in the United States of America using American

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Flag of Hawaii

To provide competition for Amateur Radio Operators by contacting as many Hawaii stations as possible. Rules have been changed to emphasize that this is a QSO party, to make as many QSL/able contacts as possible, emphasize the rare modes/bands and remove the county hunter aspect and even the playing field by offering the same point structure to stations, Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian. Contest period has been changed to allow for more dark time to support the low bands better. Exchange format is unchanged, but counties are not multipliers. Only band and mode multipliers exist.

Rules of Operation 1. Operation will be permissible only in accordance with current FCC rules or your country’s rules.
2. The use of spotting nets, by way of repeaters, packet nodes, simplex operation, or any other means is permissible.
3. Operation on all bands and modes is permitted, except on 30 meters, 17 meters, and 12 meters. Stations may be worked once per band per mode.
4. The operating period will be 04:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC., for a total of 39 hours. Stations may work the entire contest period.
5. Logs must be submitted by the fourth Sunday following the contest. Dupe sheets are required for all stations submitting more than 200 contacts.
6. Any station not abiding by all of the rules will be disqualified.

Exchanges Non-Hawaiian stations use RS/T, State, Country, Canadian Province, or maritime region.

Hawaii stations use RS/T and County

HAW – Hawaii County
HON – Honolulu County
KAU – Kauai County
KAL – Kalawao County
MAU – Maui County.

Tilt-N-Raise and Hawaii QSO Party

The use of the Tilt-N-Raise antenna mount in the Hawaii QSO Party event is a great idea. You can use the Tilt-N-Raise to get your antenna up in short order and then you can concentrate on getting the rest of your gear operational. Think of the extra Hawaii counties you and your group (if you are in one) can have in the logs. The antenna is a major part of an amateur radio station operating in Hawaii QSO Party and the last thing you need to worry about is whether the antenna will stay upright during the Hawaii QSO Party. If you have yet to buy a Tilt-N-Raise then just use our link to order a Tilt-N-Raise for yourself, then you can rest easy while working the Hawaii QSO Party or any other radio event.